Thursday, January 29, 2009

FamilySearch Indexing

I have been following DearMYRTLE's "Finally Get Organized" January 2009 checklist.  All of my papers in plastic sheet protectors and binders, so I went to the next step today and did my first extracting with FamilySeach Indexing.

It was much easier than I had anticipated, though I'm glad that there are two people indexing each page, just in case (some of the writing was a bit difficult to decipher).  I should be able to do this Thursday nights while watching Dear Betty.  It will be good practice for both transcribing records properly and deciphering different handwriting styles.  Besides, a little good genealogy karma never hurt anyone;-)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My first ever blog post:-)

I have been seriously researching my family history for about six months now.  A few years ago I had done a very cursory search, but then decided I was doing more than enough research in college to find time for this as well.

Ever since elementary school I have had a tremendous interest in history and I really enjoy learning about the places and history of the places my family is from, as well as searching for them.  In the future I hope to also combine my love of travel with my genealogy search.

As I continue my search for my ancestors, I plan to use this blog to share my discoveries, thoughts and brick walls.  I hope you enjoy joining me on this journey:-)

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