Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday

This is the tombstone of my great-aunt Elizabeth.  Growing up I always heard the story of her from my maternal grandmother, particularly since my mother's middle name is Elizabeth after her, which is also where I (in part) got my middle name (also Elizabeth, but only partly because of my mother.  Mine is also after my paternal grandmother who's middle name is Elizabeth as well).

My great-grandparents, William Herbert Whitehead and Vera Julia Gress had their first child, Elizabeth, who died at only 9 days old.  Their doctors went on to tell them they would never have any more children, but they went on to have 5 more daughters.  It saddened me that my grandmother and her sisters had never been to Elizabeth's grave, so one of my first forays into family history was to find it for them.  Through a church record we learnt that she was buried at Buffalo Cemetery (Cheektowaga, Erie, New York) and with their help my grandmother and Aunt Judy saw the tombstone of their eldest sister for the first time in November of 1999.Posted by Picasa

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