Saturday, April 4, 2009

Tomb Sweeping Day

On The Peripatetic Graveyard Rabbit 's blog today is a post about Tomb Sweeping Day in China.  In China this is called Qing Ming and has been celebrated since ancient times.  It is a solar holiday, which is usually celebrated April 4, 5, or 6.

On this day, the Chinese honor their ancestors, clean their grave cites and leave items such as food and drink.

It is mentioned in much literature, including the Vietnamese epic poem The Tale of Kieu, as follows:
Swift swallows and spring days were shuttling by
of ninety radiant ones three score had fled.
Young grass spread all its green to heaven's rim;
some blossoms marked pear branches with white dots.
Now came the Feast of Light in the third month
with graveyard rites and junkets on the green.
As merry pilgrims flocked from near and far,
the sisters and their brother went for a stroll.

I plan on celebrating Monday.  I will visit some ancestors graves and clean them up after the long winter.  I hope you have the opportunity to do so as well.


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