Saturday, April 4, 2009

Vital Record Madness

In NY, vital record copies for genealogical research are $22 each.  This has made me, unfortunately, do a little at a time, when I had the money.  Recently I ordered two death certificates for $44.  Now, I grew up in the same county in NY, where my ancestors had stayed since immigrating to America.  My family still lives there and yesterday my grandmother went to the county clerk with a list of 10 death certificates I need (plus 3 I don't have exact dates for yet) and was told they would be $10 each!  She therefore is getting 4 and a half for the price I paid for two!  I understand that if they mail them to me I should have to pay for postage, but $12 for a stamp?  Really??

Even if I had driven a couple hours each way to get them it would have been cheaper... and faster - she should have them by Tuesday and NY state can take over 5 months.  

Has anyone else found a similar problem?  It seems rather peculiar to me.

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