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Whitehead birth certificates arrived

I ordered a few birth certificates from the GRO a couple weeks ago and they arrived Saturday.

I am most excited about the one for my great-great-great grandfather Charles Whitehead. Based on census records and his Ontario death record, I knew he was born about 1840 in Kent, England. I assumed it was in Halstead, located in the Sevenoaks district, as this is where his family lived at the time of his birth, but I was unable to find him in the index. Recently, I realized I could search for a last name without a first name and up popped "Male Whitehead" born 1840 in the Sevenoaks district. Luckily it is him! Born 10 Oct 1840 in Halstead to Charles and Emma (Bond) Whitehead. This also confirms Emma's mother being Mary Bond who was with them in the 1861 census (she was listed as grandmother to the head, which is incorrect. Should be mother-in-law).
I also ordered the birth certificates for his two sons born in England before they immigrated to Canada. Benjamin was bor…

Ancestors to search doubled...

On Friday night, my boyfriend proposed!!! I am, of course, tremendously excited!  Plus, this gives me a whole other family to start researching:-)

Wodless Wednesday: New York, in lots of miles

Here is a picture my grandfather took while in the airforce (I believe it's in Korea) and a picture of me in South Africa under the same type of sign.

Tombstone Tuesday

William Fred Eichhorn1874 - 1931 Mason
Acacia Park and Resthaven Cemetery, Tonawanda, Niagara, New York

Happy Mother's Day

In life, I have been very lucky in regard to the woman surrounding me.  From my younger sister Christina, to my grandmother Marlyn and my aunt/Godmother Amy, I always have had loving, strong, amazing women around me.  Most important of all these women, however, is my mother, Julie.
I am her first child and  in an interview recently with my mom, she said she loved being pregnant because, for 9 months, she was never alone.