Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"Just Make Up Some Lyrics" Challenge

Here is my entry to the "Just Make Up Some Lyrics" Challenge by Bill West:-)
"They're Mine" to the tune of "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz

Well, you changed your name and you bet I lost you
I tried to follow but you hid every record
You fell right through the cracks, now I'm tryin’ to get you back 
before the night done run out I'll be givin’ it my best-est 
and nothin's gonna stop me but divine intervention 
I reckon it's again my turn to find that Eichhorn(Eichorn/Eichkan/Eckorn/Thorn)
But I won't hesitate no more, 
no more, it cannot wait 
G-G-G-Grandpa Nicholas!
Well open up that gedcom and see like me 
open up my email and new cousins for the tree
look into you mailbox and you'll find vital records
listen to my great aunts talk: Sanderson and Whitehead 
They're just perfect as can be
Someday I'll find the truth to those family mysteries
So, Anna May/Elizabeth Ann
I'll find you this time i'm sure 
Hiding at every chance, 
Then no tombstone...
I've been spendin' way too long checkin' Ancestry in the library 
and changin' all the spellings just to try to find the answer 
But my crazy searches finally worked
and so I drew a new chart and happy-danced
I guess what I'd be sayin' is there ain't no better reason 
to search through old microfilms and in courthouses 
Genealogy’s what we aim to do 
our goal is our history
But I won't hesitate no more, 
no more, it cannot wait
I found you!
Casell, Casillo, Tross
Acquard, Nuwer, Gress and Bond
look into my gedcom and you'll find lots of family 
listen to me ramble of happy dances and brick walls
ah, la one big family 
even if they're black sheep, they're mine, mine, mine, mine 

But I won't hesitate no more, 
no more, it cannot wait 
They’re mine

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