Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Instructional Design Assignment

One of our major assignments for my information resources: users and services class was a lesson plan, focusing on information literacy. As I have recently been highly considering academic librarianship, I was quite interested in this assignment. I read through a multitude of lesson plans online and we had a lecturer on instructional design and information literacy standards.

I focused on the NYLA 21st century information literacy standards for the digital learners of New York, as it gives standards for lifelong learners. I then put together a lesson plan for an advanced lifelong learning genealogy class on genealogy blogs, both how to use RSS feeds to read others and how to create your own.

I would greatly appreciate a 1-credit course solely on creating lesson plans, learning the different information literacy standards and giving practice on teaching. One internship I am considering for next year will give me the opportunity to develop these skills by assisting in the teaching of library classes. This is a skill set that seems very important to my career in library and information science and I would appreciate any information on how to practice it.

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