Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Book: The Accidental Library Manager

The Accidental Library Manager by Rachel Singer Gordon is the first book I have read to try to get a more well-rounded view of library management than I received in my school course on management.  I highly recommend this book for new library managers or those who would like to go into library management.  The most interesting and useful part of this book were the comments librarians and paraprofessionals made for a survey for the book.  They discussed good and bad managers they had had and made recommendations for others.  The recommended reading list also looks useful, with a multitude of books and journal articles on the different topics in the book.

Topics covered included managing change, people, finances and technology, just as my management textbook did, however these are easily readable and seemingly much more useful.  I will be rereading this book again in the next year or so.

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