Semester 1 Completed

I have completed my first semester of graduate school! It went by much quicker than I had anticipated. My favorite class with my introductory class, which featured numerous alum who spoke on their career path and current position. Nearly every week I would have a different idea of what type of librarian I wanted to be.

The most disappointing class was my management class, as it focused only on theory and mostly theory in the IT world (as the class is mandatory for all iSchool students, not just MSLIS). I would have much preferred a class on managing a library, hiring, HR, etc. Basically a "what do I do as a library director/team leader/department manager." As such, I have taken out numerous books on library management to read over winter break.

Overall, this semester was a success. Working full-time and going to school full-time was easier than expected, though I am looking forward to a few weeks of just work without classes.

Next semester I am taking a few online classes, then off to Hamburg, Germany for a semester abroad!


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