Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Class has Started

The winter break is over and it is time for me to start semester number 2.  I am only taking a one-credit course currently, titled Sustainable Libraries.  The professor, Steven Carr, is one of the first LEED accredited librarians, which should make for a very educational class.  This goes until 22 February.  After that, I am signed up for a second class, Services for Older Adults, which is also a one-credit, one month course.

On 27 February, I leave for Hamburg, Germany, where I will be studying at HAW Hamburg in their information science module from 1 March - 16 July.  I am tremendously excited about this opportunity, as the classes are very technology based and have practical, hands-on assignments.  I will also be studying basic German, which I hope to become conversational in by the time I leave.  In addition to taking classes, I have been using Mango which I love!


  1. Congrats on making it through your first semester! Hamburg? I hope you post lots of photos of that journey! What a great experience that will be.I'm curious, how much, if any, does your program touch on genealogy?

  2. A course on Services for Older Adults, hum, that would apply to me. I am with Jenna, I hope to see some photos and read all about it. I would think, you could post this info. to both your sites (you need to save your time for your great adventure). Lucky you.

  3. I will definitely be posting a lot of photos and experiences on my blogs about Hamburg! My program does not feature genealogy often, though it is brought up from time to time. I make sure to take classes I think will be helpful with getting a job in the area, such as reference and digital library type things and to take workshops and classes on genealogy reference whenever possible. For example, at the ALA conference, I took a Genealogy workshop and also joined the history and genealogy section of RUSA and the International Relations Round Table. I would eventually also like to get my librarianship certificate from NIGS.


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