Sunday, January 3, 2010

Data Backup Weekend

Due to the holidays, instead of just one Data Backup Day, we have a whole Data Backup Weekend!  My data backup plan consists of:

  • An external hard-drive, which I backup to monthly, more if I have added a lot of information in a day or week.
  • I email myself a copy of my gedcom on a monthly basis, in case my computer and external hard-drive fail.
  • I have a Geni family tree which has names, dates, events and photos.
What I need to do:
  • I am currently transcribing all the documents I have into my genealogy program.  Following that I will need to scan them and link them in the program.  This will protect my paper resources, if anything should happen to my apartment.
  • I need to upload my scanned photos to my newly created Flickr account in case something happens to my computer and external hard-drive.
  • I need to scan more photos, as I would be devastated if I lost some of these.
  • I need to start saving a copy of my blog monthly to my computer and hard-drive, in case Blogger has a problem and loses it.
I highly recommend you, too, have a data backup plan that you are following.  It would be horrible to lose all your work when there are such simple things to do.

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