Saturday, January 2, 2010

Surname Saturday: Acquard

In the new year, I am finally going to start doing the Surname Saturday theme.  My plan is to go alphabetically through each of my surnames in order to get them all on the internet and, hopefully, meet some more cousins:-)

The first surname of the year is Acquard.  This is my surname and almost always has me first on any list.

According to the World Names Profiler, Acquard is only in the United States:

Clicking on the US, it is shown to predominately be in  New York, Minnesota and Indiana:

When my immigrant ancestor and his brothers came to America from France, my ancestor stayed in New York state, while his brother moved to Minnesota.  I am unclear as to when Indiana became a popular place for the Acquards.

I do not do much research on the Acquard family, as my great Aunt Dottie has traced back many, many generations in France, as well as many cousins here in America.  She could easily create a one-name study and amazing book with her research.   Her work is incredible and something I hope to emulate with other lines.

My branch of the Acquard family came from the Alsace-Lorraine region of France.  They settled in Western New York, primarily in Erie, Genesee and Wyoming Counties.

If you ever meet an Acquard, odds are they are related to me:-)

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