Friday, February 12, 2010

Let the Games Begin!

I love watching the Olympics every other year and will be following the games in Vancouver,particularly the skating, the skiing and the curling (which is a sport I have to take up, as it is the only way I will ever get to the Olympics;-))

Luckily, while I am spending all that time watching TV I can now participate in the Winter 2010 GeneaBloggers Games!  As a new contestant, I will carry my flag high:

My flag represents a part of my diverse heritage.  I was born and raised the the USA, the background flag in this conglomeration.  To me, the US represents diversity, a mix of cultures and backgrounds.  I also have the Italian and United Kingdom flags.  Growing up, Italian was the culture I most identified with and what my family most often talked about being.  In genealogy, the ancestors I have traced the most and with the most success are those from the United Kingdom, namely in the Kent area of England.

During the games I will be participating in a wide variety of events:

  • Go Back and Cite Your Sources!
    • During this event you will see me whirl through my RootsMagic program, catching up to un-cited sources and, with the help of Evidence Explained, getting them up to par.
  • Back Up Your Data!
    • After citing all my sources the last thing I need happening is all of my hard work disappearing, so I will be backing up all of my digital sources.  I will also be working on backing up paper sources, but I am not anticipating to medal very high on that.
  • Organize Your Research!
    • In this event, I will dive feet-first into my blue bin of genealogy paperwork and come out with binders and page protectors.  This event will be part two of the source citation biathlon.
  • Expand Your Knowledge!
    • Maps, timelines and wordles, oh my!  Watch as technology is used for the creation of new and unusual research techniques!
  • Write, Write, Write!
    • With all my new sources, organization and knowledge, I will astound judges and spectators alike in the number and frequency of blog posts - even when I am not there (the miracle of pre-publish).
  • Reach Out & Perform Genealogical Acts of Kindness!
    • The games are all about connecting with others and what better way to do that than through Genealogical Acts of Kindness?
I hope you will watch my performance in the GeneaBloggers Games, beginning tomorrow, 13 February 2010, right here at A Tale of Two Ancestors

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