Thursday, February 11, 2010

Librarians Gone Wild

I was looking at my twitter feeds yesterday when I came upon the 8bitlibrary's Project Brand Yourself a Librarian.  You just sign up, add this cool button to your blog and get a tattoo while at the ALA Annual conference in Washington, D.C.

How did this idea get started?  By Andy Woodworth's People for a Library Themed Ben and Jerry's Campaign on Facebook, which I highly recommend you join.  That's right readers, library themed ice cream led to a group of librarians getting library tattoos.

I, unfortunately, will be unable to go to Annual this year as I will be in Germany at the time.  Would I get a library tattoo?  Probably not.  A group of my friends and I discussed this last night and there were mixed feeling.  I am, however, a fan of anything that blows the old fashioned library stereotype out the window.  As such, I say go librarians, be proud and brand yourself!

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