Friday, February 26, 2010

The Final Tale-y of Genea-Blogger Games Medals

The 2010 Winter Genea-Blogger Games are coming to a close.  It has been an impressive two weeks here at A Tale of Two Ancestors and I hope I am able to continue at many of these things in the future.  Data Back-up and Organization are the two areas I will continue to train on so that I can get that Platinum next time.  My final metal count is:

Go Back and Cite Your Sources!: 50+ Citations - Platinum Metal

Back Up Your Data!: Task A, C, E completed - Not sure how this works... Bronze, Gold and Platinum

Organize Your Research!: Task A, E, F completed - Gold Metal

Expand Your Knowledge: Tasks A, B, C, D, E completed - Platinum Metal

Write, Write, Write!: Tasks A, B, C, E, F completed - Platinum Metal

Reach Out & Perform Genealogical Acts of Kindness: Tasks A, B, E, F, G completed: Platinum Metal

Now, I stand in line with my fellow genea-bloggers, as we wave our flags and proudly wear our metals for the closing ceremony.  I look forward to taking a short break over the next couple days and then beginning my training for the Summer 2012 games (there will be Summer 2012 games, right, Thomas? ;-)).

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