Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Handheld Librarian Conference 2 - Day 2

Day 2 of the Handheld Librarian Conference 2 started with a keynote by Joe Murphy.  Joe discussed how Twitter is the wave of the future and what librarians need to know about it.  He also brought up QR codes, which are codes that mobile phones can take a picture of and take the user to a link, photograph or document online.  These codes came up a lot over the course of yesterday and today and are something I am very interested in.  It is important for libraries to create a mobile culture, with wi-fi and a lot of power outlets.  It is also important that librarians help the public with managing privacy, something that is constantly changing in todays world.

Then I attended Developing Library Websites Optimized for Mobile Devices.  This was out of my realm of knowledge, but I did take away that you should check the site on as many different types of mobile phones as possible.

The second keynote was Allison Miller, an SU doctorate of professional studies student.  She discussed and gave examples of the  library websites and OPACs that are optimized for mobile users.  There are many SMS services and reference services available currently, as well.  More and more people are using smart phones on a daily basis and librarians need to give these patrons the information they want in the manner they want it.

The last presentation I went to was From Internet to iPhone: Making Philadelphia's Historic Photographs More Accessible.  Here, Deborah Boyer discussed the creation of PhillyHistory, which was created with the information from the city archives and helped to give access to images to anyone who wanted them, not just those who could go to the archives.  They also linked the photos to their spot on Google Maps.  The people who view the images can write comments, view a then and now of a location, and even view the images via an iPhone app when they are walking around the city.  Augmented reality will be very important in the future, in my opinion, and it is fascinating what Philadelphia is doing with it now.

That was the end of my day at the HHLib2.  It was a fantastic experience, especially following it on twitter and participating that way while watching the presentations at the SU library.  They are planning another conference in July and I hope SU will be able to offer it again.

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