Monday, March 1, 2010

Hello from Hamburg!

SU is never that far away:-)

I was fortunate enough to be one of two students from the iSchool chosen to study at HAW Hamburg for the spring semester.  I will be here until the middle of July.  We are studying in an English language module focusing on Digital Information Services.  I am most excited for the intercultural communication workshop and the visual resources management class.  The classes are very hands on and will have students from all over the world.  This is the first time they are running this module, as well as the first time SU will have students here, so I get to be the guinea pig.  I am hopeful it will work out well and others will be able to attend in the future.

My first two weeks here I am taking a basic German class.  The third week is the intercultural communication workshop and then classes begin in my forth week here.  Please watch this blog to learn about all I am doing here!


  1. How exciting! I hope you have time to see some of the beautiful country of Germany.

  2. Congratulations for this blog. Daniel D. Peaceman, writer and editor of Contemporary Horizon magazine

  3. What a great experience! I envy you!


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