Monday, March 15, 2010

Hohenstaufen, Germany

According to the marriage record of Charles Herman Thorn and Catherine Wise in Chippewa, Ontario, Canada, Cathrine was born in Hohahstrefen, Wurtemburg Kingdom, Germany.  The correct spelling for this town is Hohenstaufen and it is located in the Baden-Württemberg part of present day Germany.

In 1206, Hohenstaufen was "mentioned"1.  A small village, its current population being 1300 residents2, it is most well-known for the large mountain of the same name, for which the city sits at its southern base.  Additionally, the ruin of Hohenstaufen Castle, sits atop the mountain.  Hohenstaufen Castle was build in approximately 10703.  The castle was destroyed in 1525 in the Peasants War4.  Currently, it is a German national monument.  "The year 1971 marked a turning point, when it was incorporated as part of the overall administrative location, with the exception of the farms in Ottenbacher valley in the "city of Göppingen Hohenstaufen""5.

If you are interested in researching Hohenstaufen, the FHC hastheir church records microfilmed from 1558 to 1897.  Also, Kathy Brandt Bonnell has created a website that features much information from town records.

This was written for the March Edition of the Carnival of Central and Eastern European Genealogy.

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