Thursday, April 1, 2010

Census Day 2010

It is Census Day 2010!  Make sure you fill out and mail in your census form so you can be counted and future generations can find you.  This is the first census I am in, that I am not at my parents house, so having this is very exciting.  Before you mail it in, make a copy so that your descendants do not have to wait until 2082 to see it.


  1. Good idea about making a copy! I don't think I made a copy of my 2000 census. I wonder if I was counted twice. I filled out my own form while living on my own at college, but I wonder if my parents put me on their form too...hmmm...

  2. Hi Jennifer,I just saw a message go out to on-campus Syracuse University students and wondered how many of them would be counted both their and with their parents. I imagine this must happen a lot with this and the last census.


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