Friday, April 30, 2010

Fantastic Find Friday - Marcantonio Casillo Birth Record

Not only is this a Fantastic Find Friday, it is also my 200th post:-)  My first foray into foreign language records was to try and find my gg grandfathers Italian birth record.  In addition to getting incredibly lucky that the woman volunteering at the FHC was an expert in Italian records, the record was also exactly where it should be!  That doesn't happen too often, especially when dealing with birth records.  I was also excited when, written in the margins, was a note telling his marriage date and the town it occurred in.  I am told this happens rather often in Italian records, but I had never heard of it before.  I wish other cultures did that as well;-)

(Sorry for the blurry photos)

Roccaromana, Caserta, Italy, "Anno 1868 Comune di Roccaromana Provincia di Terra di Larone Registro dell e Nascita Ufficio," (Archivio di Stato, Caserta, e nel Tribunale di Santa Maria Capua Vetere, Caserta), 1868 Nascita, Marcantonio Maria Casillo; FHL microfilm 1,801,953, item 2.


  1. That is fantastic! I'm still in all English records would love to find some in German! Congrats on your 200th post!!

  2. Nice find and yes, it does happen often. Sometimes they will also provide death information in the margin or other clues.

  3. Amanda,And now, my world trotting friend, I am following close behind you as you view Italian records -- never thought I'd get a chance to do that --- o, posh now, just remembered, I dinna have Italian ancestors. Can we go to Scotland next?Wherever, we go, I am pleased to be allowed to tag along.


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