Tuesday, April 13, 2010

ProGen - Month 2 Complete

I loved month two of my ProGen training! We were instructed to think about our educational preparedness and then write up an education plan. I think I knew where I was regarding my professional preparedness. Having never formalized an educational plan though would have kept me relatively stagnant in my skills, as I would not have thought about what I needed or wanted to learn until it something came up that forced me to learn about it. The overall theme of my plan seemed to focus on report writing and learning about records I am not proficient on, such as deeds, German and Italian records. and tax records. I also want to work on the Genealogical Proof Standard more and look into Historiography, which has been discussed recently on the APG list.

My online chats are held at 10pm EST on Mondays, which equates to 4am here in the western part of Europe. I was traveling for Easter that day and planned to attend from the computer at my hostel in The Hague. Unfortunately, this hostel locked their computers up between 9pm-midnight (depending on their mood) and 10am the next day. Even after begging, they were not going to allow me to use them at 4am ("I'll be sleeping, I can't unlock the door..."). I hadn't brought my laptop and my iPod touch was dead, so I sent a frantic and apologetic message to my group. Luckily, the Sunday night group allowed me to join their chat, so I did not miss out on this month. Thank you again to the Sunday night group, you were all so nice and I had a great time at your chat!!!

I am currently working on month 3, which involves the chapter on "The Essential Library." Any month that says I "have" to buy more genealogy books is definitely going to be a good one. I'll give you an update in May!


  1. I found it, here is the hamburg stadt site.http://www.hamburg.de/stadt-staat/. I suppose one can slowly use a translator or one that does a whole page.Let me know what you know about it, only if you have time.thanks jo.

  2. Hi jo,I use the google translate for the whole page, as I don't really know any German (just enough for tourist & restaurant type things). Sometimes the results are rather amusing, but I can usually figure out what the page says. By having the Google toolbar it does this automatically for me for any language page I go to. I saw this: http://www.hamburg.de/Dibis/form/urkundbest_mitte_english2.htm but they are not free. Also found http://www.hamburg.de/archive/250304/genealogische-gesellschaft-hamburg.html and http://www.hamburg.de/familienforschung02/2002758/familienforschung-start.html and http://www.hamburg.de/behoerdenfinder/hamburg/info/ahnenforschung/Please let me know if I can help in any other way. Email is probably the easiest way to reach me:-)


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