Wordless Wednesday: Amsterdam


  1. Altho I have never been to Amsterdam, I love the canals. Every time my son has to travel to that part of the world, I follow on Google maps. I particularly like following the canals --- this is a much better picture. thanks

  2. GORGEOUS photo!!!! What an experience you are having Amanda!!! Love you!!

  3. Most of my husband's ancestors lived in Amsterdam from about 1640 until the 1890s, when they emigrated to the United States. Hope to get there one day to visit!

  4. Lovely picture. I am so envious of all your ports of call!

  5. I just popped around some genea blogs and found yours. I'm from Western NY-north of Buffalo. I'm working on my bachelor's degree now and looking in Library Science-I wish to do the same thing as you. I'll pop over to your other blog and check it out. I don't have a genea blog yet, I hope to work on that soon! Have a great week!


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