Tuesday, May 4, 2010

ProGen - Month 3 Complete

It is hard to believe I have finished 3 months of ProGen.  Month 3 was pretty awesome -  we cataloged our genealogy books and made a plan to purchase the ones we want but do not yet own.  I used goodreads, as I have been adding my books to this since I used the site for a project last semester.  My books are located here under genealogy.  The ones marked wishlist I do not yet own.

My favorite part this month was our online discussion on copyright.  This is something very big in my MSLIS program, for obvious reasons.  I have at least one lecture on it a semester and the professors are very big on correct source citation.

Month 4 starts to get us into much more difficult projects, beginning with report writing.  This is one of my the items I wish to improve on, so I am looking forward to the work and the comments I receive.  Update in June:-)


  1. I sure learned a lot about copyright and how sensitive the subject seems to be with some people. I thought your contributions to the discussion were right on.

  2. Jo, Thank you so much. I learned quite a lot as well. I hadn't expected that to be such an intense discussion, but it was great to get so many opinions.


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