Monday, August 16, 2010

MSLIS Monday: The World's Most Modern Library

In classes my first semester in graduate school, one of my professors continually brought up the DOK library in Delft, The Netherlands.  I imagine each of us students had a different idea as to what the "world's most modern" library was, but I was lucky enough to visit while on my semester abroad.

The town of Delft is wonderful.  Unfortunately my photos from the trip were corrupted, but there are a lot of photographs on Google images.  I was already in love with the town when I went to the library.  When I thought of modern, I thought technologically advanced.  It was in some aspects, such as automated book return instead of the boxes we have in America and video game units for patrons to play.  However modern here was more a feel.  It was colorful and vibrant, somewhere people actually want to come and hang out, not a boring, dingy building people come in when they need a book or to use the internet and then leave right away.

You can tell upon entering the library that they care about customers and customer service.  There is a huge seating area, complete with dozens of newspapers and a coffee shop where customers come, talk and read.  There is an art room where patrons can check out artwork to display at their home.  The librarians are very friendly in multiple languages.  One librarian explained to me in English about an upcoming art exhibit and said she hoped I would be able to attend.  If you ever get the chance to visit (it is just a short train ride from The Hague), please do.  I hope to go back to explore both Delft and the library more.

To see pictures of the library, as well as get another librarians view of it, please visit The Shifted Librarian.


  1. Thanks for the compliments Amanda,

    Nice summary of our special little place... Be sure to visit our English Facebook page for any question or extra information:!/group.php?gid=41910363976&ref=ts

    Hope to see you in our building soon,

    Mark Borneman

    Communications & marketing manager
    DOK library concept center

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed it! That place is really exciting, and certainly got me thinking about different ways that libraries can reach out to their communities.

  3. I completely agree! Combined with one of the classes I took last semester, it really made me want to work on programming within public libraries. Thanks for talking about the library in 511!

  4. Thank you for letting me know about the Facebook page. I look forward to following the library online and visiting again sometime in the future.


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