Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Edna Roll Baptismal Certificate

Edna Roll Baptismal Certificate

The baptismal certificate of my great-grandmother, Edna Roll


  1. Baptism Quotes - Baptism is after conversion and not a saving ordinance, however an outward indication of an inward function. Baptism isn't elective for the believer, however a command of our Master to be followed. Right before Jesus came back to heaven, He told His followers to preach the gospel to all individuals and to baptize believers. Baptism is a sign to everyone else watching which he or she's accepted Jesus as Messiah and that he/she plans to stay to please Him and obey Jesus. Everyone who's remorseful for his / her sins, repents, and believes in Christ as Messiah should be baptized. There's no age limit for baptism. Comprehends what baptism signifies and when a man is saved, he/she must be baptized. As offered from the Holy Bible.


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