Monday, September 6, 2010

MSLIS Monday: Where have all the group projects gone?

I could tell I have become a true MSLIS student when I received my syllabus for my anthropology class in life histories and personal narratives and my second thought (after "wow ,this class is going to be AMAZING!") was "where are all the group projects?"

Every class I have taken for my master's degree, both in the US and Germany, is filled with group projects.  Whether pairs or groups of 10, I have come to expect and even enjoy the group project.  I have had my share of bad groups, such as the girl who told the rest of us that she wasn't going to help because she was busy with one of her other classes and didn't care much, nor had time for, this project (grrr...).  However, I have also had some awesome groups (shout-out to my 605 Charles Ammi Cutter Group!)  Even in the bad groups, you tend to find another person who has interest and works hard.  I also get to use my leadership skills (aka I organize the group and make sure everything gets done on time and is of graduate quality), make new friends and practice the skill of team-work, which is tremendously important in the real world.

But, my anthropology class only has solo work.  I am excited for many of the projects, such as interviewing someone and writing up a narrative of their life, but I will miss getting to know my fellow students in a way only a group member can.  I will use this class to practice writing on a professional, possibly even publishable, level and on networking before and after class with my fellow students.  The class contains under-grads, grads and even a post-doc, of which I am the only LIS student, so it will really expand the people I know at both SU and ESF (students from ESF are able to take SU classes and vise-versa).

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