Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sorting Saturday - My eReader Makes Everything Better

I received a Sony eReader as a present a couple months ago (thank you Tara!!!) and this week I finally put a bunch of items on it.  I downloaded all the back issues of National Genealogical Society Quarterly (available to members on the NGS site), bought a new genealogical guidebook and created a pdf of my family tree and to do list and put them all on my eReader.

This has saved a lot of trees, a lot of space in my apartment and a lot of money, since eBooks are less expensive than paper copies.  Additionally, since my eReader fits easily in my purse, whenever I have extra time, I can easily read these items, furthering my genealogical education.  There are also highlighting and bookmarking features so that I can easily mark items of interest.

I also think this will be quite useful when doing genealogical research.  I am a paper and pen researcher, and obviously cannot bring all of my information when I go to libraries or court houses.  In the past I have come across names I know are related to my family, but cannot recall how.  By having my family tree with me in this way, I will (hopefully) never have this problem again.

Weekly Sorting Goal: Continue with organizing my blue bin of genealogical chaos.  Put all legal size documents into my new legal size binders.

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  1. It is interesting to hear how someone in a different industry uses an ereader to meet their needs. Most people seem to just be using it to read novels, and occasionally I hear of some people using it for textbooks. They are incredibly handy with the amount of books you can carry around in such a small package.


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