Friday, December 3, 2010

52 Weeks to Better Genealogy: Week 48

This weeks 52 week challenge by Amy Coffin of The We Tree Genealogy Blog is:
Examine different online tools for cataloging your personal genealogy library and keeping track of the books you read. LibraryThing ( is a site where you can catalog and tag the books in your own personal library. It is a great tool for keeping track of the genealogy books you have. You can ever create tags for books you want to purchase. Good Reads ( and Shelfari ...( are web sites that help you keep track of books you have read. All three of these sites have social networking components. Your challenge this week is to browse these sites and see how genealogists use them. Bloggers, do you use any of these tools? How do you organize your own personal genealogy library?

I have been using Good Reads since I talked about it in a class presentation last fall.  It is very user-friendly; easy to add books, write reviews and create tags.  I also like that I have quite a few friends on it, so I can see what they have read and add to my too-long list of books to read.  My user-name is amandaea129 or you can view my "shelf" here.

I have also recently begun to use LibraryThing.  I am excited to try this platform, as I already use their Local Books iTouch app and am always impressed by them at library conferences.  My user name is amandaea129 for this, too, or view my "shelf" (currently very empty) here.


  1. Thanks for playing along with the 52-week challenge. I'm amybean2 on LibraryThing if you want to friend me there.

  2. I was on GoodReads for awhile but it seemed like their FaceBook tie-in was either all or nothing. After it published things to FaceBook that I didn't want published, I left them. I thought I had set the permissions correctly, but I guess not. So I guess this is my warning to everyone to check your social sharing permissions!


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