Advent Calendar - If Only In My Dreams...

"I'll be home for Christmas... If only in my dreams..."

Today's Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories is a grab bag, so I thought I would talk about those times I was unable to be home for Christmas.  As a retail manager this has happened often.  While at FYE I would work Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas, so driving home was difficult with the 4-hour trip each way.  Now that I am at Starbucks, I often work Christmas, as they do not often find people and it means I get off Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve, which is when my mom's family tends to get together.  Coming home to Buffalo when it is only 2 hours away is much easier.

Those years when I did not get to go home at all I was always very lucky to have friends who were like family that I could spend the day with.  Lauren, Sterling, Matt and Christmas Eve at Emily's parents' party, are the ones that stick in my mind most.  Now, I spend the day with my husband and in-laws.  It was always hard to be away, but we would talk on the phone and having those wonderful friends and their families around made it much less lonely than it could have been.

I will be home this year from Tuesday until Christmas Eve.  Late Christmas Eve my husband and I will drive back so that I can work at 7am, then we will be at his parents house Christmas day.  I am thrilled that I will be able to see almost all of my family and my friends who still live in Buffalo this holiday season.  I am blessed to have so many people who have invited me for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day through the years.


  1. Amanda, just got to read this blog. Christmas Eve at my Mom's is one of my favorite holiday traditions, I'm so happy this tradition has made it into your memories as well. My family considers you family, and if you are ever away from home on Christmas, just know that you and Aaron will always be welcome.... and Granny's potatoes will be had by all...

  2. Emily, I am so glad you read my blog:-) Christmas Eve at your mom’s was a lot of fun and I will always keep it in mind depending on what our families are doing. I need to visit for some of your Granny’s potatoes soon. Mmmm…


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