Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 Goals

Happy New Year!  1/1/11 is here!  I love 1s.  New beginnings, new challenges, change (yep, I'm one of those weird people who likes change).

The end of the year was rather different from years past.  I slipped on ice at school and sprained my ankle on my birthday.  I have spent the past few weeks on my couch, which has given my a lot of time to think and plan for 2011.  I am not a fan of resolutions, but I did want to come up with some goals.  2011 is looking to be a great year: I will get my Master's degree, find a job outside of retail, turn 30...  Here is a list of my personal and genealogy-related goals for the coming year.


  • Become a better blogger, posting at least 3 times a week and commenting more on other blogs.

  • Train for and run a half-marathon

  • Read at least 2 new books a month

  • Plan more game nights/dinner parties/etc. to see friends more often

  • Become more active with my church Social Justice Committee and History Committee

  • Send birthday and anniversary cards to friends and family


  • Write one ancestor profile a month for the blog

  • Create written research plans, at least one per month.  Post on my blog, along with follow-ups as to how the research goes

  • Complete at least the first two CDs of the NGS home study course

  • Attend at least one national genealogical conference


  1. Love the new blog, Amanda! We have some similar goals for 2011. I look forward to reading about your progress. Good luck!

  2. Nice-looking blog! I'd prefer being taught about genealogy by you instead of Genealogy for Dummies, so bring on the lessons! Seriously, I have bought the book.

  3. Thank you! I’m not the biggest fan of that book, I much prefer Unpuzzling Your Past by Emily Anne Croom. Hopefully my blog is helpful to you:-)


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