Thursday, January 6, 2011

52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History - New Year's Memories

GeneaBloggers is hosting a new 52 Week Challenge focusing on our personal genealogy and history.  I think this is wonderful, as we so often get stuck in the past, that we do not remember to save our traditions for future generations.

Week 1: Did your family have any New Year’s traditions? How was the New Year celebrated during your childhood? Have you kept these traditions in the present day?!

Growing up my Grandma Casell would have all of us grandkids over every New Year's for a sleepover.  We would have snacks like pigs-in-a-blanket, chips and dip and pretzels, watch movies and the ball drop, wear tiaras and make lots of noise at midnight.  Then we would get in our sleeping bags, spread all over (there were 7 of us there) and go to bed, with our parents picking us up in the morning.

I don't know that I realized how wonderful this was until recently.  That is to say, how unique and amazing my grandmother was for doing this so that her children and their spouses could enjoy New Year's, all the cousins could play and she could spend time with us.  When we helped through a party this New Year's many people had trouble coming due to the problem of finding a sitter.

I have spent New Year's in many places as an adult: Pretoria (South Africa) Paris, the Bronx and many towns in Central New York, but I will always treasure those memories of my childhood New Year's and they will always be my favorite.

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