Monday, January 24, 2011

MSLIS Monday: My Last Semester

Can you believe I am in my second week of my last semester in graduate school?  I sure can't.  The past year and a half went so much faster than I ever imagined.

I am taking some awesome classes this semester, which is definitely the right way to finish.

  • Library Planning, Marketing and Assessment: I think this will be the most important class I take in my collegiate career.

  • Information Resources: Organization & Access: An overview on metadata, indexing and the like.

  • Museum Development: This is for my CAS, but the skills are for all non-profits and the professor will allow me to use libraries as examples in the projects.  This will really help with my goal to become a library director one day.

  • Internship: 2 credits worth.  I think I found a cool one and will give more information when it is firmed up:-)

So here I go again.  One more semester left of school, then I receive my Master's degree and get hooded.  How awesome is that?


  1. RT @amandaea129 MSLIS Monday: My Last Semester

  2. SO AWESOME! I hope you're semester is a good one. (And I agree with you: 613 is going to be crucial, and sounds like it might be the most practical and useful course of the curriculum.)

  3. I hope you also have an amazing last semester! And I am so glad we're in a 6118 group together!!!


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