Saturday, January 8, 2011

Passenger Lists Beyond Immigration

Those of us to have progressed out search to immigrant ancestors always try to find the passenger list that shows them emigrating from the mother land.  Once we find this, it can be easy to stop looking at passenger lists, after all, we found the most important information on one, right?

Actually, this is not correct, particularly if your ancestors came to America over a century ago or more.  Early passenger list records do not have a lot of information on them.  Luckily for us, our ancestors did not just move to America and then forget about their homeland.  They went back to visit, to introduce their American-born children to their family and for funerals.  Surprisingly, they even traveled to other countries for fun, like we do today.

Here is some information I have found on non-immigration passenger lists, that you may be able to, as well.

Not All People Stayed in the US the First Time They Came

~~Marco & Pietro~~

Family Relationships

Maiden Names

Important Dates

~~Naturalization & birth dates

Relative Hometowns

~~Visit in-laws, particularly if male

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