Friday, January 7, 2011

What Will Babies Born in 2011 Remember?

Stacy Johnson of The Huffington Post wrote a list of items she believes babies born in 2011 will not remember.   I agree with parts of it, such as video tape, wired phone lines and movie rental stores, but others I am not so sure about.  I know that when I have children, who will be born after 2011, I will make sure they have one photograph per frame, paper books and maps.

I will also be sure to teach them that there should be a separation of work and home time and also that talking to one person at a time is polite and will be done.  No texting at the dinner table.  I feel these two items in particular are relating to manners and quality of life, which are tremendously important, even as we become more and more digitally connected.

What do you think about this list?  If you have small children or grandchildren, do you feel this will be true for them?


  1. I would take these babies, as soon as they are old enough, to meet with and listen to my oldest relatives. I think that what has helped me most in becoming involved in my own ancestry is the appreciation of a measured, less-superficial way of doing things.

  2. @Ezekias, I think that is a brilliant idea. I completely agree that that was why I got into genealogy as well.


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