Monday, February 7, 2011

Elevator Pitch

Have you ever heard of an elevator pitch?  Imagine you are in an elevator with someone who could be very  important in helping you and you only have 30 seconds, the length of the ride, to tell them your proposal and get them interested in hearing more.  That 30-second sound-bite is your elevator pitch.

I am joining in a 31 Days to Build a Better Blog group over at The SITS Girls.  It goes with my New Year's Resolution to become a better blogger.

Our first task: to write an elevator speech.  Both a short one and a longer one.


Genealogy, Libraries, and Wanderlust: My Life, In Blog Form.

Genealogy, Libraries, and Wanderlust: My Life, Digitized. <-My favorite

Genealogy, Libraries, and Wanderlust: My Life, Uploaded.

Genealogy, Libraries, and Wanderlust: My Life, Online.


Amanda's Athenæum: A genealogist with wanderlust turned library student, discusses culture, her heritage, discovering new places and life as a grad student.

To quote an undergrad professor: "Questions, Comments, Concerns?"  Let me know what you think below:-)


  1. Love your blog, Amanda! As another who adores research and travel, I'm glad to see more grad students out there. Your blog theme is great, too!

  2. Hi, Amanda.

    I like the same short pitch that you like. And your long pitch sounds pretty perfect, although I haven't had a chance to read a lot of your blog yet. From what I've seen it sounds like it fits perfectly.

    Good luck in the challenge. I came over from SITSgirls today. I'm getting a late start on the challenge. : )


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