Saturday, February 26, 2011

SNGF: Count Your Trees

Today's Saturday Night Genealogy Fun brought to us by Randy at Genea-Musings:

1)  Open your genealogy database in the software of your choice, and use the Help function to determine if your software can count the number of separate family trees you have in that database.
2.  Follow the directions if the program can do it, and Count Your Trees.

3)  Tell us about how many trees you have, and who is the "root" person in the biggest tree.  Tell us if you have any big surprises - did you find any disconnected trees that should not have been disconnected?

4)  Write your own blog post, write a comment on this post, or write a Facebook status or comment.

In Legacy, I have 2 trees.  My first has me as the start with 735 people.  The second has my mom's cousin Lori as the start and she is the only person in the tree.  Not sure why she is in her own private tree, but I will be fixing that now.  How many did you find?

1 comment:

  1. I cannot tell it FTM 2008 has this function. Still new to using this after having FTM 16.


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