Monday, March 14, 2011

MSLIS Monday: Erie Canal Museum

My last internship for my degree/CAS is at the Erie Canal Museum here in Syracuse.  I am working with a fellow classmate to catalog the photograph collection in PastPerfect.

It is a fascinating project, looking at all the photos, learning a new software (which I LOVE) and working on my cataloging skills.  We have gotten about 100 photos in so far and expect to add quite a few more over the next month and a half, which will help museum staff and researchers at the museum.


  1. Great place to be, I've always liked the museum. I imagine it's very quiet and underused right now.

  2. @Apple, Thank you! I agree with your assessment. They are doing a big remodel and the curator is really getting the archives into working order (care of a multitude of interns), which I think will really help them out. Definitely a great museum, though.


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