Friday, October 7, 2011

Legacy Genealogy Cruise: Days 1 & 2 (Morning)

Day 1 of our cruise was spent driving to New Jersey, checking in and having a quick safety drill.  We followed this by dinner and an early bed time after a long day.

Day 2 was a full day at sea.  For me, this meant a full day of genealogy classes.  The first class, given by Geoff Rasmussen of Legacy,  was on timelines.  A key item in any genealogists toolbox, timelines give hints of how to further research your ancestor in a way just looking at a family group or pedigree chart cannot.  Looking at a chronology report can show you possible problems, such as if an ancestor had a baby at 11 (unlikely) or which piece of conflicting information looks to fit in better than another.

Looking at this piece of the chronology report for my great-great grandfather, I can see that I am missing the birth place for two of his daughters and one son.  I can assume that they were born in Buffalo looking at when the other events in his life occurred.  This gives me a starting place for research into their birth records.


 Timelines can also be interesting when you insert historical data around your ancestors life.  What happened when great-great grandpa was 7?  Using Our Timelines, a site Geoff recommended, I found out that the telephone was invented, the Battle of Little Big Horn was fought and Colorado entered as the 31st state in the Union all during the American Centenial year of 1876, which also happened to be when my great-great grandfather Jacob Gress was 7.

The timelines lecture was followed by one titled "Sources Made Simple, Standard & Powerful", also by Geoff.  He discussed why sourcing is important and how to write a good citation.  The easiest way to create proper citations in Legacy is by using the SourceWriter.  SourceWriter offers templates using Elizabeth Shown Mills' Evidence Explained.

What most excited me about this class was learning about the source clipboard.  In the past, I have gotten extremely frustrated entering the same detail information for a family of 12 in a census record.  Using the source clipboard, I can enter the information once and then easily apply it to every person in the record.  I am glad I learned about this prior to entering in all of the census records of my father's family, as they all had a lot of children, and this would have been very time consuming!

In the afternoon, we learned about "managing your genealogy data" and "building a research toolbox" with Thomas MacEntee, then had our first formal night.  I will post on these tomorrow!




  1. Amanda, how fun you get to go on the Legacy cruise. Sure missed you the last couple of months of ProGen. Hope your genealogy continues to be fulfilling.

  2. [...] naming idea and making sure all the information from them was added to my Legacy database properly (so easy to source everything thanks to this mornings session!)  After the tagging session, this was the session [...]

  3. @Jo Arnspiger, Thank you! I missed you, too. Life got too hectic, too fast, unfortunately.


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