Thursday, December 8, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me:-)

Last Day as a 20-Something

I remember my 20th birthday well.  It was the last day of "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever", a show I co-directed with my friend Tom.  We had a sold out audience for both shows that day, an amazing cast, and they gave me a birthday cake on stage at the end.  I had no idea at the time how fantastic my 20s would be; beyond a doubt my favorite decade yet.

I remember random other birthdays in the past decade: 21 was a crazy night out week, one was spent in Las Vegas (24?) where I fell asleep at about 8 pm due to the time change, 25 was a co-birthday party with my friend Matt, 28 was a sad one, as my grandfather had just died, 29 was spent in the ER after I slipped on ice and sprained my ankle walking between classes.  Nearly of those birthdays faded into the shadows of my memory where I can guess the place I was and who I spent it with, but can't for the life of me know for sure (22 in Canandaigua, 23 in Oneonta, 26 and 27 in Syracuse...)

Never would I have guessed I would be so excited to turn 30 and enter that next decade.  My 20s rocked; I had more than my fair share of fun, crazy, happy times.  I am in an excellent place in my life and can see things only getting better.

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