Monday, February 13, 2012

Who Will You Look for in the 1940 Census?

Amy Coffin of the We Tree blog asked "When the 1940 census becomes available in April, who will you look up first?"

Since this is the first census my grandparents will be on, I will search for them first.  The very first person will be my grandma Casell, as she has been with me every step of the way on this genealogy journey and I know how excited she will be as well to see herself on the census.  After that, I will look for my paternal grandparents, which will probably be easiest to find, since they lived in small towns and then my grandpa Casell, who was in the orphanage by this point, so should be very easy to find as well.

After this, I will start looking for my great-great grandparents who were still living at this time: Elizabeth Fink Gress, Joseph Acquard, jr., Francis and Josephine (Szydlic) Karpinski, John and Anna (Zeaphfel) Nuwer and Edward and Lidwina (Pautler) Roll.  I will probably wait on other relatives until the indexing is done, at least in the city of Buffalo.  For some of the small towns, I expect to come upon them a bit easier, but we shall see.

I have also signed up to help transcribe the census through the 1940 Census Project and hope you will, too!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out and for signing up to be an indexer.


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