Saturday, March 3, 2012

Create Your Medical Family Tree

Did everyone see the Post Standard article yesterday titled "How to create your medical family tree"? Tomorrow, Thanksgiving, is National Family History Day and the article recommends talking with your relatives about their health history.

By getting three generations of history, you can see trends that may be important to you and your descendents. Diseases such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease can, but do not always, run in the family. You should discuss what you have found with your doctor. In order to make talking with your doctor easier, the Sugeon General has created My Family Health Portrait, an easy to use site that will generate reports for you, for free. You can save the information to your computer or on Microsoft's Health Vault. For a list of questions, view the bottom of the article or print this guide.

Have you prepared a health history? Why or why not?

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