Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Planning for the NGS Conference

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A hoard of genealogists is descending upon Cincinnati today to attend the 2012 National Genealogical Society Conference.  In order to make the most of your time, it is important to pre-plan your conference, or at least the first day.  Luckily, NGS has made a multitude of tools available to help in this planning.

  • Syllabus, Daily Schedule and Exhibitor Listing
    • The syllabus and daily schedule of events are available as PDF files on the NGS website for conference attendees.  By going through these, you can decide which lectures you want to attend during each time period.  Important items to keep in mind:
      • Is the speaker one you want to hear?
      • Is the topic important to your current level and interests as a genealogist?
      • Is the session being recorded?  If there are two sessions you are interested in and one is being records and the other isn’t, go to the one that isn’t and purchase the recording for the other.
      • Is the syllabus specific or general?  If the syllabus gives you a lot of information on a topic, including references for further research, you can go to a session with a more general syllabus that does not provide the information you need
    • Use exhibitor listing to make a list of “must see” booths.  By planning this now, you will make sure you do not go home having missed the one organization you wanted to see.
  • Mobile App
    • There is a mobile app available for every device.  Download this to look at daily news flashes, the daily schedule, maps, and even tweets and photos from the conference.  The best part of the app is the “My Schedule” piece where you can keep track of which sessions you are attending and where they are located.
  • Tips for First Time Attendees, Conference FAQs and What to Expect 
    • These documents will give you an overview of important information on the conference.
  • Social Media
    • Using these tools will help make your conference enjoyable and productive!

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