Monday, May 21, 2012

The Loomis Family of Sangerfield, NY

I attended a presentation at the DeWitt Community Library on the Loomis Gang of Sangerfield, NY.  It was presented by Sue Greenhagen and Darothy DeAngelo, who are sisters, genealogists and historians, and whom I have heard before at their Oakwood Cemetery walks.
Although I tend to think I haven’t been in the central NY area for long, it has actually been about a third of my life.  In all that time, I had never heard of the family gang that lived in nearby Sangerfield.
In 1638 John Loomis and Mary White left England and settled in Windsor, CT.  They had 8 children and all were pillars of the community for many years.  Their fifth son Deacon John had a son named Sargent Daniel, who had a son Daniel, who had a son Daniel, who had a son Lieutenant Daniel, who in 1779 had a son, George Washington Loomis.  George was not such a model citizen and eventually moved to Sangerfield to escape the police.  Here he met Rhoda Mallett and had a large family.
The family was known for crimes such as stealing (mainly horses), passing counterfeit money, murder, arson, and general corruption.  My favorite story told today was how they would steel horses, sell them to the Union army, then steal them from the army to re-sell them to back to army.
In 1866 the end of the Loomis family came, with the family spreading throughout central NY.
It was interesting to learn more about the history of the area and to see the stories that can be told from genealogy research.  The genealogy of the Loomis family is available at  Apparently there is also a documentary on The Loomis Gang and a book by George W. Walter.

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  1. First name correction to the Loomis family tree. It was JOSEPH Loomis who came to America (the settlement of Boston) in 1638 on the ship "Susan and Ellen". The Gang: Bill, Cornelia, Wash, Grove, Wheeler, Plumb, Denio, etc.. were 8th generation. I am their seventh cousin twice removed, (10th generation).


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