Monday, June 4, 2012

Motivational Monday: June

It is hard to believe we are at the halfway point of the year already.  After hearing Elizabeth Shown Mills speak at NGS, I am focusing the majority of my time putting sources into my updated RootsMagic database.  Although most items are sources in my Legacy database, not everything is and there is almost no document transcription or comments on the validity of the document/information.  As such, I am trying to create a main database that will include all of this information and have decided that RootsMagic 5 is the best program for this.


  • Main focus: Sophia Possehl research strategy
  • Secondary focus: Continue basic search for the husband’s family (Ancestry, FamilySearch, etc.)
  • Search for tombstones for my husband’s family in the Utica area


  • Put all Whitehead family sources into RootsMagic.  All sources must be fully documented, transcribed and with comments as needed.
  • Dedicate one shelf on our bookcase to my genealogy notebooks


  • Watch all RootsMagic webinars of interest
  • Read the 4 genealogy books I have out from the library
  • Continue reading and taking notes on the NGS syllabus
  • Attend 3 CLRC library/archives workshops


  • Post at least twice per week on this blog
  • Complete at least 3 Find-A-Grave cemetery requests


  1. Amanda, it sounds like you've set yourself some big goals for June! I hope you're making progress with them. I'm in the process of switching to RootsMagic, too. I was using PAF and find RM so much more powerful! Do you like RM so far?

    @Nancy, I really like parts of it, but kind of wish I could combine my favorite aspects of RM and Legacy. Hope you're still liking RM!


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