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Wedding Wednesday: Angelo Fantacone & Angiolina Basile

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(Register #89)

My mother-in-law is a recent genealogy-addict, which is very exciting to me.  Yesterday we went to the Central Library’s Local History and Genealogy room to search the New York State Vital Records Index.  Amazingly, we found ever date we were looking for.  I then learned, after much confusion by clerks sending me every which way, that old marriage registers have been scanned in Syracuse and are available for free download in the basement of the County Clerk’s Office.  This makes up for the crazy amount of money they charged me for death records next door at the Bureau of Vital Statistics.

My mother-in-law’s maternal grandparents, Angelo Fantacone and Angiolina Basile were married in Syracuse, Onondaga County, New York 31 July 1905, which means we learned their wedding date on their 107th anniversary.  I love genealogy serendipity like thatSmile

According to the record, Angelo Fantagone [sic] was 24, a carpenter living in Syracuse (I think he was actually in Cortland at this time) but born in Italy.  His parents are Tomas Fantacone and Lodovica [possible sic for Ludovica] Libera and this is his first marriage.  No witness is listed.

Angiolina Basile was 18, living in Syracuse and also born in Italy.  Her parents are Michil [sic: Michale] and F. [Filomena] Fantagone [sic: Fantacone] and this is her first marriage.  The marriage was performed by Rev. Frank Morassi.

This record proves that I have the correct parents for Angiolina from passenger list records.  It also gives the me the names of Angelo’s parents!  Time to find the church Rev. Morassi worked at.  [Edited to add: Wikipedia for the win: St. Peter's Italian Church].

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