Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 Goals

Source: Facebook
It is time to write down my goals for the year and send them out into the universe.


  • Move with intention for at least 10 minutes every day and track on SparkPeople.
  • Blog at least 3 times a week remembering that though this started as a genealogy research blog (if only I could get the posts to transfer over...), recording my current life story is important as well and should be included.  I would love to have a life record written by my ancestors.
  • Spend time each day nurturing relationships with my husband, family and friends.  This includes having a sit down family dinner at least Friday-Sunday (nights my husband doesn't work).

    • No screens around him Monday-Friday night, except for texting photos and stories about him to my husband, sister and the grandparents.
    • Read every single night.
    • Stop worrying so much and just marvel at how amazing he is and all of the changes and developments he has.
    • Read 30 books and track on Goodreads.
    • Work on genealogy, either research, organization or ProGen, at least one hour every week.
    • Go to at least one new place every month.

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