Sunday, January 5, 2014

52 Ancestors: #1 Florian Dana Acquard

Amy at No Story Too Small has challenged bloggers to post on 52 ancestors in 52 weeks.  I am hoping to post each Sunday.  I am going to use my pedigree chart starting with my great grandparents and go in order.  This might get a little hairy later on, but at least it will give me some things to research/write research plans for and will help with filling out my chart from Saturday.

Pedigree #8, Ancestor 1/52: Florian Dana Acquard

Florian and Stella's Wedding (right)
Clarence Stafford, Best Man, and Alfreda Karpinski, Maid of Honor (left)
Photo is a scan of a photocopy I received from Dottie Wyckoff
I guess it's good to jump right in with one that I need to work on.  I have not done much research on my father's side of the family because I have a great aunt and great uncle who have traced the family very far back.  I need to ask for scans of vital records and other sources they have as soon as possible.

Florian was born the 9 August 1899 in Bennington Center, Wyoming, New York, the 11th of Joseph and Mary (Kohley/Kollin) Acquard's 12 children.  He married Stella Karpinski on 16 December 1932 in Bennington Center and had 6 children, Theodore (my grandfather), Ronald, and one son and three daughters who are still living.

Florian died young, at age 49 on 28 December 1948 of a cerebral hemorrhage.  According to my great aunt Dottie, he died because "he fell from a wagon when the part holding horses to wagon broke.  He landed on his front part of head.  A week or two later he had a cerebral hemorrhage."  He was buried at Sacred Heart Catholic Church Cemetery, Bennington Center, Wyoming, NY.

My father has the middle name of Florian after him and my uncle looks very much like him.  It is nice that part of him has been carried on.

Found on 4 January 2014:
  • Newspapers from Old Fulton Postcards
    • Death Announcement
    • Multiple Tax Announcements
    • Announcement on Administration of his Will
    • Wedding Announcement and 1 Year and 10 Year "Remember When" of Wedding
    • Birth Announcement of son Ronald
    • Miscellaneous Social Column Items
  • Vital Records from
    • Marriage Certificate
    • Marriage License
  • WWI Draft Record (Ancestry)
  • 1930 Census (Ancestry)
  • 1940 Census (FamilySearch)
  • Probate Record (Wyoming County Surrogate Court)
  • Find a Grave Memorial
  • Information from Aunt Dottie's Acquard Genealogy Binder
To Do List:
  • Federal and State Census Records (Ancestry)
  • Birth Certificate 
  • Death Certificate 
  • Newspaper Birth Announcements of Other 5 Children
  • Religious Records from Sacred Heart
  • Land Records
  • Get better copies of photos


  1. I like your idea to sort out what you already have or had and what you still need to look for. Good luck with finding what is on your to-do list!

  2. I love old wedding photos, especially when the bride is sporting a super-long veil.

  3. I too like your idea of listing what you have and what you are seeking. You are more organized than I.


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