Saturday, January 4, 2014

SNGF: What's Your Ancestor Score?

From Randy at Genea-Musings:
1)  Determine how complete your genealogy research is.  For background, read Crista Cowan's post Family History All Done? What’s Your Number? and Kris Stewart'sWhat Is Your Genealogy "Score?"  For comparison purposes, keep the list to 10 or 11 generations with you as the first person.  

2)  Create a table similar to Crista's second table, and fill it in however you can (you could create an Ahnentafel (Ancestor Name) list and count the number in each generation, or use some other method).  Tell us how you calculated the numbers.

3)  Show us your table, and calculate your "Ancestral Score" - what is your percentage of known names to possible names (1,023 for 10 generations).

4)  For extra credit (or more SNGF), do more generations and add them to your chart.

5)  Post your table, and your "Ancestor Score," on your own blog, in a comment to this post, or in a Facebook Status post or Google+ Stream post.

My Table
As you can see, at 10 generations I have 15% done, but at 12 (the furthest back I can go), I have only 4%.  It will be fun to see if I can add to this at all this year.  I have to admit that this chart makes me jealous of those with New England ancestry :-)

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  1. This looks like fun. I might try it tomorrow.


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