Saturday, February 28, 2015

SNGF: How Did You Meet Your Significant Other?

This week's Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: It's story time - tell us how you met your spouse or significant other.  If you don't have one, tell us about your parents met each other.

Summer 2008: Thousand Islands, NY
In 2007 I moved to Syracuse to take a job with Starbucks.  A week or so after I started I had a sit-down with the district manager to discuss how my training was going and after we spoke he turned to some guy sitting behind him who was drinking an espresso and reading the newspaper and asked how he thought I was doing.  Luckily for me, he thought I was doing well.  I thought this was the oddest thing, but learned later that the guy sitting in the corner was a regular and had been at my DM's former store as well.

Over the next few months, the guy drinking espresso and reading the newspaper and I became friends.  Eventually Aaron and I were hanging out all the time.  And about a year after we first met, with the help of our friend Shannon, we started dating and have been together ever since.  Our first date was dinner at the Sherwood Inn on 7 May 2008 and we got engaged there on 8 May 2009.  We still go back every May.

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