Friday, April 17, 2015

DNA Results: Ethnicity Estimate (Me)

I finally jumped into the DNA testing pool.  Ancestry had a great sale at the beginning of March and I bought a test for myself and for my husband.  My results arrived Wednesday and I have been playing around on the site trying to build my tree and my husband's as my results came in much faster than I had anticipated.

The first thing I looked at was my ethnicity estimate.  Unsurprisingly, my ethnicity is "very white."  33% Europe East would be Germany, France, Belgium, and Luxembourg.  18% Great Britain is mainly England, 17% Italy/Greece is just Italy for me. The 15% Scandinavia surprised me until I read that people with German ancestors can show up as Scandinavian ancestry in this test.  11% Europe East is Poland and the trace regions are 3% Ireland and 2% Iberian Peninsula.  The less than 1% West Asia is in the Middle East and I'm guessing has to do with my Italian ancestors going further back.

The ethnicity estimate is what I expected and most of it can be figured out easily from the research I've done.  This is still a really cool map to have and I'm glad Ancestry gives out this information.

In my next post, I'll begin to discuss my matches in Ancestry and what I plan to do with the data next.  Once my husband's results come in, I'll post those as well.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Webinar: Ten Genealogical Lessons I Learned the Hard Way

Family Tree Webinars 

Warren Bittner is among the best, if not the best, genealogical speaker I've ever heard.  I was very excited to see that he was giving a webinar entitled "Ten Genealogical Lessons I Learned the Hard Way" through Legacy Family Tree Webinars today.

This was a fantastic webinar and one that I highly recommend people check out.  A lot of these are things you hear when you learn how to do genealogical research and know you should do, but that you don't always do. 

My favorites are to build the citation up front, read Genealogy Standards: Fiftieth Anniversary Edition quarterly, summarize and plan on the go, and write proof summaries.    Because I didn't do that with my research years ago, I have been going through all of my research over the past couple years and making sure it is cited properly and the conclusions I reached made sense.  In the future I will be doing this as I go along.

I also really liked his discussion on credentials.  At GRIP last summer, I mentioned that I still didn't feel ready to take one of Tom Jones' course, and, after I answered a couple questions, was told I was definitely ready for it (not taking it this year, but that's only because of the New York state course offered).  The point being, don't wait until you're perfect, become a better genealogist and a better researcher now.

These webinars are available free online for a week, so check it out soon!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tombstone Tuesday: Ted Acquard

Photo of my grandfather Theodore Acquard's grave with flowers from my Uncle Brian's funeral.  St. John's Roman Catholic Church, Alden, NY.  Photo courtesy of my Aunt Barb.

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